Friday, July 17, 2009

Poker - Deception cuts both ways

I recalled a rather interesting article I read on cheating. I'm talking about cheating in relationships :-) The article mentioned that people in relationships are often paranoid about their partners cheating because they themselves are capable of doing it also.
At the tables, I once witnessed a person in the middle of deciding an all-in call in the river. There was a flush on the board. The all-in person A was in his elder years. The other was a guy B in his 30's, with an amateurish swagger. Judging on the way he played so far, A probably has a high pair, or two pairs. After A went all in, B paused for a while. Seeing B's hesitation, A said to him, save your money, I have the flush. Based on this information, B eventually called and lost to a flush. What they said later on, I will remember for a long time. A nonchalantly said "I told you I have a flush". B in a bewildered way said "But you're a Poker player, why would you tell the truth?" Why indeed ;-)

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