Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Poker - Conveying a message with a bet?

While day dreaming during a hand, an interesting thought dawned on me. The actions available during a hand are just ways of communicating. For example, a bet says that you have a hand. Calling says you are unsure or is holding a weak hand. Folding says...well, you know :-). Whether you're telling the truth or not, that's another story.

In postflop play, weaker players tend to believe that a strong bet represents a hand. Then there are some regular players that believe a strong bet on the flop must mean a hand that is semi-decent and nowhere near the nuts. It's interesting how the very same action could be interpreted so radically different.

So, next time you want someone with two pairs to call your nut flush, figure out what his bets mean. Then do the same ;-)

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