Saturday, November 21, 2009

iPhone Karaoke Player (Karaoke Party) - The newest full featured CDG MP3+G player for iPhone.

Like Karaoke? Check out my latest app Karaoke Party. It is the best available CD+G/MP3+G player available for iPhone. is still being approved but I promise you, it will impress you. It has the most features out of any portable Karaoke app available. See the screen shots for yourself. Enjoy.

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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Poker - Short Stacked considerations

A lot of players love to play cards like suited connectors and small pocket pairs against a raise. This is all fine and good...if you have a lot of chips behind. The implied odds are only as high as your stack multiplied by the number of opponents. For example, if a deep stack ($300) from early position raises 3x-5x BB, and the only caller is you with 44 and a short stack ($70), you will be losing money in the long run every single time you make this call. Potentially, the only thing you're hoping for is to flop a set (1:9 odds). The most you can win from this is $70 (1:6 money). So for every 10 times you make this call, you lose $100 and make $70 for a net loss of $30. Keep this in mind next time you play.