Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Finally...finished a new feature for Karaoke Party

It's 3:59Am and I am happy to say that after a few days of intense and stubborn coding, I finally finished a new feature for Karaoke Party. What is it? Well, that's a surprise :-) The update will be up on the App Store probably within a week or so. Enjoy :-D You can thank Melinda for this feature, as she was requesting it for as long as I can remember. Constantly requesting it, over and over and ;-)


  1. hi just got karoke party. downloaded filezilla connected using ip and port, it says files were transferred but nothing shows up on my phone. i went to internet options and typed this ip and port. but still wont work. can you help me?


  2. Hi Jen, what files are you transferring to the iphone? If you have trouble with sending separate CDG and MP3 files, try zipping the files and sending it as one file. For example, if you have two files "Michael Jackson - Thriller.cdg" and "Michael Jackson - Thriller.mp3", you can zip the file up as "Michael Jackson -" and upload this file to your iphone. Please let me know, in detail, what steps you took when uploading your CDG or Zip files, so that if there is a bug, I can fix it in the next version. Thanks :-)

  3. Well Andy I'm really confused on how to do this at all.
    I'm not sure how to zip files. All I know is I have this song on cd. But it seems like the app doesn't recognize anything even though filezilka says that the ip and port accepted it. All I know is I have to get this song to karoke version or I'm dead meat. I thought I could do it, but maybe I'm not computer savvy enough?
    I got a deadline. I bought thinking I could figure, it might be for pros?

    Thanks Jen

  4. By itself, Karaoke Party does not accept CDs as a music source. However, if you are looking for a particular karaoke song, you might want to try the website and look for the particular song you need and buy that song. Then put the zip file they provide into Karaoke Party.

  5. HI just bought your Karaoke Party app for my iPad. I don't see directions anywhere on how to transfer FTP.. You need to post how to transfer using FTP as many like myself have never done it before. I have wifi connection on my iPad and I am not understanding how to transfer the music from my PC to my iPad using Filezilla

  6. Hi BSU4342, I have written more detailed instructions to transfer songs in my blog. Hope it helps.