Monday, January 11, 2010

Train Ride and Train Ride 2 iPhone App Released

Ever wanted to ride the train, and bask in the beautiful scenery. Now you can, in the comforts of your own iPhone/iPod Touch.

Train Ride lets you take a train across the scenic beauties of Europe. Enjoy the luscious green trees, and the mountains, as the gentle wind blows in your hair. Feel the powdery snow on your face, as you look on to the sights and sound of this one way ticket to paradise.

I am your conductor. Tickets please, and enjoy your Train Ride.

To the observant, here are two free coupon codes to redeem Train Ride 2. Enjoy.
3ME6NRLKNWA4 is featuring my app right now, and I provided them 40 coupons codes. Get em while their hot :-)

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  1. These recordings are copyright of the Norwegian Public tv channel NRK, are you sure they can be used commercially without their consent? Not that I'm gonna tell anyone, just a heads up...

  2. Hi Jacob,

    thanks for the heads up. According to the the copyright license they have specified in their page, people are free to use it for commercial purposes. But if worse comes to worse, they have a problem with it, I will most certainly take it down.