Monday, April 26, 2010

Karaoke Party for iPhone/iPad Technical Support

We hear ya. After much deliberation with the CEO, production manager, and the head developer, we have decided to add this post to provide technical help for those who need support for Karaoke Party for the iPhone/iPad.

Frequently Asked Question:

1) Where do I find songs? (I get affiliate pay 5 cents per song for this one) (I don't get anything :-( )
or google. You can find some free ones scattered around.

2) How do I transfer songs to Karaoke Party?

a) Very simply, you will need a computer with a File Transferring Protocol application or otherwise known as an FTP application. All you have to do is connect Karaoke Party at the IP address of your iPhone/iPad on port 40000, and transfer your CDG or ZIP karaoke files. FileZilla for Windows and Cyberduck for Macs have been tested to work correctly with Karaoke Party. If you have connection problems with your own FTP program, please use the tested FTP programs. Be sure that both your computer and your iPhone/iPad are connected to the same Wifi network, otherwise they can not communicate with each other.

b) If you need help with the FTP program. Here it is.
  1. First, download and install either FileZilla for Windows or Cyberduck for Mac.
  2. Now, make sure both your computer and iPhone/iPad are connected to the same Wifi network.
  3. Please open the Karaoke Party now and go to the Transfer Songs tab. Remember the IP address. You will need this IP address for the FTP program to connect to the iPhone/iPad. If it saids you are not connected to a Wifi network. Please make sure your iPhone/iPad is connected to a Wifi network.
  4. Make sure Karaoke Party is running on your iPhone/iPad and set at the Transfer Songs tab. Run the FTP application and use that application to connect to the IP address you obtained from step 3 at port 40000. You have to enter the port number, otherwise you will not be able to connect to your iPhone/iPad. If the connection fails and you made sure the settings are correct, try rebooting your computer and restart Karaoke Party. If Karaoke Party crashes (rarely) or the connection broke, just use the FTP application and resume the transfer. You do not have resend any sent karaoke songs.
  5. Good, with the FTP application connected to your iPhone/iPad, you can now transfer your karaoke songs. Either drag and drop the ZIP or CDG+MP3 karaoke files into the FTP application. After the file transfer is done, you're all set. Good job getting this far with me.
  6. If you have problems connecting to the iPhone/iPad, you can alternatively try other FTP applications, reboot your computer and restart Karaoke Party. If you still have problems, try posting the question here. Be sure to check to see if the answer has been posted already.

3) Song volume too low?
First, make sure you turn up your iPhone/iPad's hardware volume. Do this by using the volume buttons on the side of your iPhone/iPad. Turn it all the way up. Then turn up volume in Karaoke Party.

4) Song volume too low for built in speakers?
If you followed the above suggestions and it is still too low then I have to apologize. The short answer is that there is nothing I can do. The iPhone has two speakers. One is above the screen, and one is below the screen. Since Karaoke Party uses the Microphone, the iPhone must use the speaker above the screen, otherwise there would be feedback. The above speaker is not very loud. This is why I recommend using headphones when using Karaoke Party.

5) Why won't my uploaded songs show up?
If you are currently in the Song list, go to another tab, and then switch back. Also, remember that only (CDG+MP3) and ZIP files are supported.

6) I hear static or white noise while using an iPod Touch?
People using iPod Touch with no attached microphone might hear static when starting Karaoke Party. This is currently a bug. To get rid of it for now, just turn down the microphone volume all the way down.

I hope this helps you guys and gurls. If there is anything else I didn't cover, please feel free to ask away. Be sure to be as detailed as possible in your question. With time, I'll add any answered questions to this list.

Also, if you like Karaoke Party, please feel free to help me with the ratings in the App Store. Thank you :-)

Friday, April 23, 2010

Amazing cakes

Quite a sensual hot chocolate ;-)

Location:Austin St,Forest Hills,United States

Thursday, April 22, 2010

The other kind of bluffing

Generally, when a person talks about bluffing in Poker, they mean putting a big bet with bad cards. There is actually another way to bluff, and it is bluffing that you have bad cards when you have a monster. It is very useful against suspicious players. I'm not talking about slow-playing. Here is my recent war story to illustrate my point.

I was at a 5/10 game in utg+3 with $1400. B was in the dealer position with $4500, and C was in BB with $2000. I recently won some money from him, so he was a bit off from his game.
I picked up JJ, and I limped $10. Co limped, B raised 5xbb to $50, C called. Seeing the opportunity I reraised to $200 to represent high pocket pair. B hesitated for a bit, and called (possibly: low pocket or AJ,AQ,AK). C folded. Now the flop came A,J,2 rainbow. I got middle set and I was first to act. I decided to go All-in with $1200 to represent high ace pair or stone cold bluff. B almost insta-called and the rest is history.

Against most suspicious, aggressive players, overbetting is seen as a sign of weakness. Plus my preflop check-raise represented high pocket, so his read is that I don't have an Ace. I probably have something less than an ace, like KK or QQ. B's read is right, I don't have an Ace. Plus most people don't go all-in with a monster set with no real draws.
Usually I don't feel particularly great winning a big pot from someone, since everyone works hard for their money. But for B, after he taunted me and showboating so much about how he bluffed me out of a $230 pot, I'm glad I took 10x back from his bankroll :-)
Poker ediquette is important after all, if not just because people will play softer against you.