Saturday, September 18, 2010

Idle Musings on Words with Friends Word Finder OCR feature

Note to self -
I really need to get an iPhone 4 for app testing. *praying Apple releases the white iPhone 4 soon*

It was an awesome feeling seeing the OCR feature working for the first time on my iPhone. It was the feature that was requested the most. So finally getting the update out was a thrilling experience. So for everyone who bought the feature, thank you. I'll continue working on optimizing the speed and accuracy of the OCR engine.

As for you iPhone 4 users, I apologize for the unsightly bug in the OCR feature. I got overly excited about releasing this update quickly and the bug slipped in. I'll get an update out as soon as I can :-)

Anyway, with the update, I fixed the shaking sensitivity problem, oriented the screenshot to match the game board better, and speed optimized the switching of the game boards. Switching boards should be near instantaneous now. Also, it is IOS 4 compliant, which means this app can multitask and switch to other apps without closing.


  1. I have iphone4, I purchased OCR feature. Everytime I load a photo it says "this is not a words with friends picture." Advise?

  2. Hi jnelgh, a fix for the iPhone 4 is coming.

  3. Why even publish an update without first testing on iPhone 4??? Seems if you are going to develop such an upgrade, it shouldn't matter if you have a white or black iPhone4. I think you should offer refunds to all those who purchased the upgrade. How do we know if/when you will even have a fix in place? #FAIL!

  4. hey I got a prolem with my iPhone 4 now that I updated the app. I can't even get it to load the board pic at all now. so I paid for the OCR and cany use it. but no I can't use the app at all. and it erased all my boards when I updated. any help? I already deleted the app and reinstalled it!


  5. Hi, I just bought the app and the additional OCR update. I took a snap shot of the board game that I am currently playing on with Words with Friends. It's not zoomed or anything, I followed your instruction. I also have iPhone 4. Whenever I load the picture it says "The selected photo is not a words with friends screenshot." Can you help me with that?

  6. Come on already! Lets get this fixed! I have already requested a refund from Apple due to this crap software not working. I highly encourage everyone else to request refund from Apple too!!!

  7. Hello Andy,

    Sorry to post a message here but we have not been able to find any other contact information.

    It has been brought to our notice that "Lexulous Word Finder" is an application that has been developed by you for iPhone.

    We would like to inform you that Lexulous is a trademark of RJ Softwares. We request you to kindly stop using the trademark as part of your products as it is creating confusion amongst our users.

    Thank you for your cooperation.

    Rajat Agarwalla

    RJ Softwares

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  9. Hi Life,

    Feel free to contact me via "" to discuss more about the trademark issue. I am always open to suggestions. Thank you.

  10. Ever since I installed the OCR version on my iPhone 3G, I get the same stray characters on every screen.

    W (in the middle of screen)
    U (Just below & left of W)

    V (left row) W (right side)

    V (left row)

    Y (middle of bottom row)
    Also, the Z is not recognized, and the M and W are mixed up sometimes.

  11. Contrary to your claims of 99% accuracy, the OCR feature seems to be 1% accurate. It is able to get half a word out of almost a full board of words. Even if it's the begining of a game and there is one word on the board, your program has major issues, like wrong placement of the word. What can we do about this? Will you fix this issue? or will you issue a refund?

  12. Yeah, I'd like a refund too. Works like crap.

  13. How can you use this on an iPad if you can't take a screenshot?

  14. I have a ipod touch4. When I take a pic of the board and download it, it has w's, y's, v's all over the board. And sometimes it doesn't get the tiles on my tray right.