Thursday, December 9, 2010

Coding in a cave somewhere...

Between my new project (2 months so far) and Naruto Ninja Storm 2, I'm almost a programming hermit, or maybe a monk. I've been learning a bit more about Objective-C, Cocoa frameworks, and other "fun" stuff. Good thing about working in this new project is that I'm getting ideas on how to improve my other iPhone apps. When I'm done with my latest project, I'm definitely taking a trip somewhere. Preferably a place with good food and no computer :-)


  1. Are you or anyone keeping updated with the Karaoke Party HD site as there is no feedback for some time.

  2. your words with friends app just doesn't work... when i import the screen it scatters the tiles all over the place, not where they actually are. the word list just continually finds 8,000+ words and none of them are anything i can use because the tile placement isn't correct. i've uninstalled it and reinstalled it, made sure it's the only open app, etc. IT JUST DOESN'T WORK. i would like a refund please. of my original purchase price, and all of the add on's that i had to buy just to try and make it work. even that pricing isn't right = your app is not .99 cents, you have to purchase the additional ocr to even attempt it to work. a refund please.... my email is


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