Monday, June 6, 2011

250,000 or a Quarter of a Million Tiles in World of Words. Woah =)

Love movies?

Here's a list from reddit of the top recommended movies to watch. I've been looking for a list like this for a very long time. So happy :-) I declare this the summer of movies. ;-)

Saturday, April 23, 2011

100,000 tiles in World of Words. Holy crap :-)

This is what the whole map looks like right now. Each dot is a tile. 100,000 tiles in almost 2 months of time. I'm amazed.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Ran 12 miles in 2hr 27min

A bit slow, but I think I'm finally ready for the Long Island Half-athon. :-)

Friday, April 1, 2011

Ultimate Word Finder and Ultimate Word Finder Free released on App Store

Here is a link to the free fully functional version.

Ultimate Word Finder will find the very best scoring word on any Words with Friends game. With this App, you can not possibly lose!

Unlike every other Word finding App that only generates mere anagrams with rack tiles, Ultimate Word Finder will actually find every single possible move on any Words with Friends game.

Ultimate Word Finder helps you quickly and easily find all the possible words from a given set of letters. It's great for finding all possible words in Words with Friends. Ultimate Word Finder helps you learn many great words, find high scoring words that you may have missed, and even generate anagrams using the new anagram generator.

To cheat and win in Words with Friends, all you have to do is load the Screenshot in Ultimate Word Finder and then press "Find Words". Ultimate Word Finder will automatically generate all possible words. You can see all the words, from the highest score to the lowest scores. You can even filter the list of words by points and by length.

Whether you want to better yourself in Words with Friends, or just want to win, Ultimate Word Finder will be the ultimate tool for devastating your opponents.


- Powerful OCR capability reads and transfer tiles from any screen shot.

- Get the highest scoring word possible from any board. Find every single possible word that can be played on the board.

- Three different modes of inputting letter into the rack and board. Tap to use On screen keyboard to type the letters in. Or you can drag the blank tile and select a letter. Or you can even use the OCR. The choice is up to you.

- Discover up to 100,000 unique plays for each board setup. No joke. If the move exists, Ultimate Word Finder will find it.

- Save multiple boards, up to 32 boards simultaneously.

- Official Words with Friends Word List used. Every word found in Ultimate Word Finder can be used.

- Zoom in and out of board for easy editing.

- Board saves automatically.

- Very Conveniently, Ultimate Word Finder does not require an active internet connection. You can use this App whenever you like. Great for iPod touch and places with little to no reception.

- Sort and Display the words however you like.

- Simple and intuitive interface.

- Fast Anagram finder. This anagram finder can generate anagrams that works with any popular word games like Lexulous, Bananagrams, and Text Twist Turbo.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Friday, March 4, 2011

World of Words app is released

World of Words is a word game that lets you play with thousands of other people at the same time. Imagine sharing a game board of infinite size and you are playing with everyone else who is connected. Anyone can see and build off your words, and so can you.

Race against the clock as you compete with people all over the world for the very best high score. Or play in the leisure game mode and build carefully crafted words without an rush. Play however you like. The fun is up to you.

After 5 months of development, I finally finished this game. It took a whole lot longer than expected. Who knew learning how to develop good UI and stable multiplayer code would take so long :-)  Anyway, this game is hardly done. I have a lot of new ideas to make this game even better. So I'm going to continue developing this game for the near future. On my off time, I'll take some time to fix and improve my word finder apps. Thanks for the patience. Anyway, try this game out. Hope you like it.

Friday, February 25, 2011

App Submitted :-)

I never thought I would see the day when I finished this App. *Crossing my fingers for App review* :-) Very excited to show you guys :-)